Holographic Space Time

The universe contains countless interconnected waves and particles, with each separate wavicle being similar to the others, as well as to the larger whole.

Tensional integrity (tensegrity) – such as that found in a suspension bridge – occurs in these wavicles from the micro to macro realms, and is found in all life forms.

Whether an atom or a solar system, a molecule or a galaxy, the inward and outward forces balance to maintain a stable, spacious unit of wave/particle duality. Each scale of wavicle buoys the others along as they float together through the cosmos.

Visualized quantum and cosmic particle dynamics, and original theories about
black holes, worm planes, cosmic origins, and quark production.

This floating cohesion is key to conceptualizing a Grand Unified Theory – one which combines the four basic forces into one equation or system, and which likens the cosmos to life forms.

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